Devops Topics we Practices and Preach


Master essential Infrastructure as a Service components including Compute, Networking, Storage, Databases etc. from AWS Cloud and learn equivalent Azure Services.

Infrastructure as a Code

Learn to automate common infrastructure tasks with Ansible. Get started with Terraform to automate Cloud Provisioning.


Learn how to set up a pipeline from code commit to releasing the product features to the customers, using modern technologies such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm and GitOps.


Learn how to containerize your application and deploy it at productino scale with Docker and Kubernetes.


Setup monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, Analyze logs with ELK stack or equivalent. Learn what is distributed tracing for Micro Services.


Learn how to incorporate security into every stage of your devops delivery pipeline with DevSecOps.


Our 3 Level Membership offeres you step by step Learning Path to master Devops. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started as a devops professional.


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Step 1 - Get Clarity

With our Level 1 program, get clarity about what it takes to be a Devops Professional, and also find out if its really something you are interested in.


Step 2 - Build Skills

With our Level 2 Membership, start diving deeper into the devops topics and build your Skills portfolio that you could flaunt.


Step 3 - Practice to Mastery

Nothing can substitude real world work exprience. However, the closest second is by doing enough projects that you are capable to implement real world projects. Our Level 3 Membership helps you with just that.