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Why Learn From School of Devops?

PLL (Project Led Learning) + Shuhari

Devops cannot be mastered with purely Lectures and Labs. I have tried and failed at it and learnt from my mistates. With my Project Led Approach Married with the Principles of Shuhari, you are definitely going to be on your way to Mastering Devops.

Learn from someone who has taken The Path

If I have to be a Successfull Investor, I would learn from Warren Buffet. If I want to be healthy old man, I would follow Milind Soman or Akshay Kumar (Yes! look them up my Worldly Friends). Need I say more ?


Our 3 Level Membership offeres you step by step Learning Path to master Devops. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started as a devops professional.


One-Time Fee


  • Devops Career Roadmap
  • Ultimate Devops Bootcamp
  • Introduction to Devops and SRE Course
  • Devops Self Evaluation Scorecard
  • Systems Engineering Blueprint
  • Devops Q&A Vault
  • 30-Day Challenge
  • Inner Circle Masterminds
  • Asociate Certification
  • Private Community Access
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One-Time Fee


  • Everything in Silver+
  • 4 Premium Courses
  • 6 Devops Mastery Courses
  • 5 Bonus Courses
  • 90-Day Hackathon
  • Inner Circle Masterminds
  • Private Community Access
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1 Year Access


  • Everything in Gold+
  • xxx Devops Projects
  • Troubleshooting Exercises
  • Weekly Masterminds
  • Accountibility System
  • Gamification Points
  • Pro Certifications
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