Devops Minidegree

Devops Minidegree

A project based, comprehensive devops training course

Why Devops Minidegree

Comprehensive Program

This program covers all devops core competencies right from infrastructure as a code and configuration management to cloud and continuous integration to docker based continuous delivery to monitoring.

Project Based Learning

You learn by doing. Thats the best way to learn we believe. Every module consists of multiple nano projects with two mini projects and a capstone project at the end where you build a application stack and setup devops practices in a life like project.

Industry Focused Approach

This program is been created to transform you from ops to  devops professionals and prepared you with the skills that are expected out of a devops engineer in the industry.

Blended Classroom and Video Trainings

This is a one of kind program with blended model where classroom interactivity meets the comprehensive self paced video based learning.

Well Researched Outline

Devops mini degree is been developed with our original research into whats the current market need as well as what organisations are looking for, with expert inputs from  practicing professionals and consultants.



Hours of Video content


Why School of Devops ?

We do not have a vision to build a one stop shop Classroom training company. We instead are a bunch of passionate devops geeks, who come from grassroot devops community, have been practicing for years the technologies and tools that we preach, and would love to share it with you. We have built School of Devops from grounds up, all with passion. And thats the passion and the real world experience is what we bring in to the class. We may not have the top marketing team with clipped accents, an awesome sales pitch and the ones who love to throw transformation jargons at every other sentence , but rest assured, its pure, direct and distilled learning experience you would receive.”

Why Skill up your teams with Devops?

Well, we can give you atleast four reasons to start with, such as:

  • Devops is transforming the way software is being built and delivered
  • Organisations adopting devops practices have seen significant jump in performance, productivity and profits
  • With Devops, and the underlying automation practices, organisations can get more done for less
  • Devops is helping companies gain competitive advantage

Expert Trainers

Not only our trainers have deep expertise in the technologies they train on and have practiced it for years, but also they are excellent communicators and skilled at simplifying complex things for you. Thats a rare combination which is essential for a technology trainer.

Bespoke Trainings

One size does not fit all. Even though we have standard content and outlines which are generic and broad, when it comes to our corporate clients, we could deliver tailor made, customised programs which are relevant to the teams participating.

Video Content

Your learning with us does not stop when the workshop gets over. Most of the corporate trainings happen over two/three days with intensive schedule, which is not a complete program. We give you state of the art content including access to audio visual programs, automated environments to continue self learning.

Course Outline

Codifying Devops
  • Why Devops
  • History
  • Principles and Practices
Git quick dive
  • Git and Distributed Revision Control
  • Repos
  • Branching and Merging
  • Github
  • Branching Strategy
  • Git References
  • Lab
    • Setting up repos
    • Create a devops repo
Docker quick dive
  • Running Containers
  • Operating Containers
  • Port Mapping
  • Building Docker Images
Creating Ansible code for Demo App
  • Playbooks for
    • System Configurations
    • Application Configurations
    • Deployment
  • Additional Code for Provisioning Automation
CI with Docker: Dockerizing App Stack
* Build Dockerfiles
* Create Docker Compose specs
Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Kubernetes: Taking Containers to Production

  • COEs and intro to k8s
  • k8s Quick Dive
    • Pods
    • deployments
    • services
    • Ingress
    • rollouts
Cloud Provisioning Using Terraform
  • Monitoring
    • Why Monitoring ?
    • What to monitor
      • Logs
      • APM
      • Health
    • Labs:
      • Setup log monitoring
      • Setup performance monitoring
      • Health Monitoring and Alerting
Use Case Workshop
  • Description of Use Case
  • Organization Goals
  • Pain Points
  • Diagnosing the issues
  • Solution Design
  • Advantages of using containers
    • Portability
    • Consistency
    • Density
    • Eco System
    • Speed
Ansible Overview
  • Why Ansible
  • IaaC
  • Convergence
  • Idempotence
  • Ansible Concepts
    • Inventory
    • Playbooks
    • Roles
    • Modules
    • Vars/Templates
Continuous Integration
  • Setting up a CI Pipeline with Jenkins
    • Setup Jenkins
    • Commit Stage Jobs
      • build/compile
      • unit test
      • static code analysis
    • Artifacts Management
    • Functional Acceptance Testing
    • Deploy to Staging
    • NFR Testing
Overview of AWS
  • AWS Services
    • VPC
    • EC2
    • RDS
    • S3
  • Cloud Design considerations
    • Availability
    • Scalability
    • Manageability
    • Security
Deploying Demo app in Production
  • Deploy k8s Cluster /Minikube
  • Create k8s objects
    • deployment
    • service
    • ingress
  • Release Management
    • Zero Downtime
    • Blue Green
    • Canary

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