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With Docker at its core, open containers eco system is changing the way software is...
Chef (beta)
Chef (beta)
Chef Chef is a leading tool in the devops arena which takes a declarative approach...
Puppet Puppet is a leading tool in the devops arena which takes a declarative approach...
Ansible (beta)
Ansible (beta)
Ansible Ansible is a leading tool in the devops arena which takes a declarative approach...
What is Devops
What is Devops
What is Devops ? Devops has become a popular practice and a keyword which is...
CI/CD (beta)
CI/CD (beta)
This training program introduces developers to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery best practices they should incorporate....

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Setting up learning environment for devops is challenge. Specially with tools such as Chef, Puppet Ansible, Kubernetes which essentially are the tools that let you run and manage infrastructures at scale, you need an environment that simulates a clustered environment with multitude of nodes. At School of Devops, our vision is to make devops learning experience self sufficient and hassle free and we have been working hard on removing the barriers that stop you from self learning. Codespaces.io is our initiative to give you complete learning environment with multiple nodes simulated as a single VM, offering you the quickest way to get started.


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