What is Devops ?

Devops has become a popular practice and a keyword which is been talked about

very often in the IT organization of any size today. The evolution of culture and

practices that form devops principles draw its parallel in the open source culture and

its bazaar model of evolution. Since devops is not a standard, it has no one definition

but many interpretations. The purpose of this talk is to give clarity about what devops

is all about, learn how to interpret it the right way without getting overwhelmed by

the number of tools that you may come across and choose the right path with your



This program is in beta stage and  will  cover,

  • What is the need for devops ?
  •  The History – how it evolved
  • Wat are the key principles, practices and tools ?
  • How to build a devops strategy ?
  • Demonstrate a sample devops automation workflow










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  1. Hi, Would like to know about inclass trainings on DevOps

  2. I want to switch to devops .. want to make my career in this field.. please give me complete info about this course, topis to be covered etc

    1. Vaibhav. This is going to be the course which explains what devops is. And based on that understanding, you could choose the topics relevant to you. Its something that we are building, however you could join the early beta.

  3. Looking for Devops Course in Pune in the following areas:
    I had already mailed gaurav few months back, but haven’t got any response.
    Puppet – Basic and Advanced

    Please let me know if you can help here ?

    1. Hi Ankit, We do not operate out of Pune. If you are open for a blended model with online instructor led classes plus video content, we could definitely helo you immediately.

  4. Hi, I’m looking for a class room based sessions in bangalore. Any details about it

    1. Deeraj, at the moment, we are not doing classroom sessions. We would have a blended model with self paced learning plus instructor led coaching sessions soon. If you interested in that, we could send you the details.

  5. Hi,

    I’m looking for classroom Devops training. Please let me know the Syllabus and Fees structure.

    1. Hi Prabhu,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. School of Devops is conducting a webinar on 9th of August. I would request you to attend that and get a better idea about the courses we have and about the Devops field in general.

  6. Hi Gourav, i’m interested in the instructor led coaching sessions. Can you please send me the details.

  7. I want to know about classroom training for DevOps in Bangalore.

    1. Annu Krity, Sure. Are you interested in specific topic e.g. Docker, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins or looking for a complete Devops Course?

  8. I pursued my B.E degree in Electronics during 2013 later I got an offer and I dId the job for 18 months in Electronics filed and now I want to switch to IT. I know I have to learn a lot of things I guess. But I really want to switch to DevOps.

  9. I am a experienced professional(4 Years
    ), i want to make a carrier in DevOps …is it right choice and time?

    1. Vishwas, sure. However, before we advise you, you need to let us know whats your current profile, skills etc. Based on which we could advise.

  10. Would like to know the duration and the course fee for dev ops

    1. Hi Rajiv,

      Thanks for writing. You can get in touch with us at +91 9528 215216

  11. Almost No software developing experience.. Pharmaceutical background.. I want to switch to Software…My friends suggest me to learn DevOps and enter into software world. Straight question, Do I need to know some kind of software before jumping into DevOps? Is there any module in DevOps I can begin with that may be possible without any coding or IT background? Please respond.

  12. Hi I would like to take up training on Devops, I have 2+ years of experience in Java

  13. HI Gourav, I have one query.How devops helps in my professional experience and am working on java platform. Please assist on this query.

  14. Hi, looking for DevOps training in Bangalore (Preferably classroom), could you please let me know the details, Thanks.

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