Puppet is a leading tool in the devops arena which takes a declarative approach at automating infrastructure. By allowing to describe the state of the infrastructure as a code, it brings in consistency in the way you configure environments as well as provides a visibility into the state of Infrastructure.

This course gets you started with managing your infrastructure configurations using Puppet from scratch.



Puppet Funadmentals

This is a free,  introductory course, currently in beta.

Whats Included  ? 

  1. Slides
  2. Environment Setup Instructions

Whats To be added  ? 

  1. Audio/Visual  Lectures on Ansible Introductory Chapters

Why should you sign up for Beta ? 

  1. You would be the first one to know once the video lecture is launched

Is there a Paid course Too ? 

Yes, we have created  “Zero to Puppet” course, which would be comprehensive learning program which would contain,

  1. Audio/Visual Lessons (12/15 Sections, 50+ lessons)
  2. Quizzes
  3. Nano Projects
  4. Exercises and Problem Solving Questions

To enroll to zero to puppet course, click here

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