Serverless is taking the world by storm, and quickly being the next cool thing that everyone is trying to do.  With AWS Lamada which was released in the November of 2014, functions as a service has become extremely useful to the api, app, IOT developers alike. And its no more limited to AWS.  With Microsoft Azure Functions, Google   Functions and IBM Openwhisk,  all major cloud providers are beating the serverless drums.

This presentation by Luciano Mammino not only introduces you to the concept of serverles, but also gives you a hands on tutorials to write your first AWS Lambada Function as well as deploy using Serverless Framework, which talks to all the cloud providers mentioned above.


Following are the key points discussed in this presentation.

  • History and definition of serverless
  • Cost comparisions between server based and serverless
  • Example of creating a sample AWS Lambada Function
  • Example of using Serverless Architecture

Luciano follows it up with how Serverless is being used at Planet 9 and explains the tech stack and architecture

What we loved was the analogy with car ownership and that nicely explains the difference between owning a server, running a VPS/VM, or using the serverless framework.






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For anyone who would like to get started with Serverless Framework and understand how it works, we definitely recommend Luciano’s presentation.




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