If you are a full stack developer, and development is what  you truly enjoy, I would advise AGAINST being a full time Devops professional. I see a lot of people misunderstand Devops as a common career path for both Devs and Ops. A lean team where everyone (Dev & Ops) does everything i.e. write code, write infrastructure as a code,  manage infrastructure, do system administrative activities too.  Well, Devops was never about merging those teams into one.  It’s  more about fostering collaboration between both, breaking silos and work towards ultimate organizational goals i.e. ship code out faster, be more agile, increase efficiency.  All this with same or lesser efforts.


And today’s generation tools offer common language between Dev and Ops, helps them collaborate better, and brings everyone on the same page. And Docker is one good example here. Developers care what’s inside it (e.g. packaging apps with the environment), Ops cares about what’s outside it (i.e. running, maintaining, scaling containers).  So is chef/puppet, jenkins etc.  And there are tools such as new relic, splunk and their open source equivalents which give visibility into the infrastructure, applications and rest of the metrics, which is useful for not only Dev or Ops but even management.


Now keeping Devops in perspective, and coming back to the original question, what should be the transition or career growth path for Devs and Ops?  I propose following,


Transform your Ops team to Devops, and transform your Dev teams to Devops oriented developers, or rather agile developers.


So, if you are a software engineer, don’t look for being a dedicated Devops engineer. Rather be a Agile developer, and be Devops oriented. Acquire skills such as  Docker, Git, Jenkins, Sonarqube, a little bit on puppet/chef for application deployment.  When I say Docker, focus only on the packaging part applications into container part, and not running clusters and managing those.  That would make you a really indispensable asset.   Ultimately, be into something that you really are passionate about and enjoy doing. Code or otherwise.

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