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Decide if  you are really passionate about being a Devops Engineer. Symptoms of a good Devops Engineer is,
  • Playing around with Linux Distros is your favorite pass time
  • He can save the world by typing those cool, long one liners
  • He eats sed omelette with awk coffee for breakfast, grep burger for lunch,  gulps apache beer and has mysql for dinner. Ultimately sleeps with only top and ps
  • He has a spent nights compiling that kernel or resolving those dependencies while installing that app from scratch
  • He has actually counted the number of packages in the debian repository and was completely overwhelmed
  • He has atleast once assembled a pc from parts
  • His favorite sitcom is big bang theory and he is a fan of sheldon cooper
You get the point eh !  You need to be very very comfortable with the machines, just love cli’s ,  should have some nerdish traits, and troubleshooting should excite you.   Only  if you think its something you are or would love doing, go ahead with the next instructions,

Journey to be a Devops Engineer

Now that you have decided to be a Devops Engineer you should.

Level  1 : Fundamentals
  • Start learning about Linux. Pick up this book LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell. Don’t have to appear for the exam, but make it your bible. This is the best ever book I  found in my career to learn Linux.
  • Also look at Ops School Curriculum
  • Practice atleast one scripting language. python, shell, perl etc.  You must know one of it, really really well. Above book teaches you shell scripting.
  • Learn about regular expressions. Pick up sed/awk  etc. Regex is goign to save you a lot of time and efforts long term
  • Learn how to use emacs or vi.
  • Learn Apache, MySQL Administration. Again covered in the book.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot. This is one of the most important skills that a Devops Engineer has. And they don’t teach this in the school.

Level 2 : Real Deal

Only when you have cleared the fundamentals, that you consider the next level.  If not, you will have to go back and learn the fundamentals over and over again.

  • Virtualization : Learn virtualization basics. Pick up Vagrant
  • Cloud: Learn about cloud fundamentals, pick up skills on AWS. Add Openstack if you have time.
  • Configuration Management:  Learn Ansible/Chef/Puppet/Saltstack. Atleast one.
  • Monitoring: Learn about nagios/icinga. Maybe sensu too if you have time.
  • Docker: Future seems to be moving towards docker and family.  Good skills to be future proof.
We have compiled a Trello  board  with  essential devops tools, and its being  actively updated. Do refer to it for further knowledge on tools.  You could also refer to our Devops Skills Survey to get a list of skills to acquire to be a awesome Devops Engineer.
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