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Why School of Devops?

We do not have a vision to build a one stop shop corporate training company. We instead are a bunch of passionate devops geeks, who come from grassroot devops community, have been practicing for years the technologies and tools that we preach, and would love to share it with you.

We have built School of Devops from grounds up, all with passion. And thats the passion and the real world experience is what we bring in to the class. We may not have the top marketing team with clipped accents, an awesome sales pitch and the ones who love to throw transformation jargons at every other sentence , but rest assured, its pure, direct and distilled learning experience you would receive.”

Why Skill up your teams with Devops?

Well, we can give you atleast four reasons to start with, such as:

  • Devops is transforming the way software is being built and delivered
  • Organisations adopting devops practices have seen significant jump in performance, productivity and profits
  • With Devops, and the underlying automation practices, organisations can get more done for less
  • Devops is helping companies gain competitive advantage

Expert Trainers

Not only our trainers have deep expertise in the technologies they train on and have practiced it for years, but also they are excellent communicators and skilled at simplifying complex things for you. Thats a rare combination which is essential for a technology trainer.

Bespoke Trainings

One size does not fit all. Even though we have standard content and outlines which are generic and broad, when it comes to our corporate clients, we could deliver tailor made, customised programs which are relevant to the teams participating.

Video Content

Your learning with us does not stop when the workshop gets over. Most of the corporate trainings happen over two/three days with intensive schedule, which is not a complete program. We give you state of the art content including access to audio visual programs, automated environments to continue self learning.





Devops Skills Report

Learn which are the top devops practices that you should bring in to your organisation and skill up your teams with. Read the Devops Skills Report 2016, an original research publication by School of Devops.

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Subset of companies we have trained professionals from ...

We had some amount of knowledge on Docker, but the training session conducted by School of Devops in Colombo Sri Lanka was pretty exciting and it broadened our knowledge on modern Microservices based Achitecures.

Amitha Devapriya System Engineer from Sri Lanka

I have attended Chef fundamentals course @ the School of Devops and I must say it was one of the best courses I have attended.. I was searching for getting trained in Chef or Devops suite from a very long time and I felt the wait has paid off after completing my course here.. As…

Sreekar Achanta Service Delivery Consultant Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

There is so much more you achieve when studying through Gourav and his team. You gain knowledge, confidence and the ability to do well in any company. I highly recommend this course to anyone whether you have experience or not, these courses are great for everybody. Not only did I enjoy the course and the…

Godfred Gyekye Canada

Before I was referred here by my old good friend Janette, I never considered the fitness workouts routine to be so efficient. Now, my body proves me wrong!

Emma Poppuri

Though I’m just in the middle of my first fitness “semester”, I am officially excited about how re-energizing and revitalizing this whole workout thing is!

Alison Winnergate

I am amazed at how quick are the first results are, all of which I sincerely attribute to my newly found love for these fitness workouts! I lost some weight and I feel amazing!

Joanne Stone

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